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alas the explosion
My name is jamie, and this is a documentation of my life.

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Twenty | One | Pilots - Car Radio. So obsessed with this song at the moment the music video is awesome! It’s different. I think that’s why I like it. Go listen to them!
Two special birthdays in one day! @ashleigh_maree1 you are an amazing person!!! So glad you are doing so well and I’m proud with how much you have accomplished! Enjoy your day :) love ya long time!
To one of the most inspirational people out there, you deserve to be acknowledged for just how truly amazing you are! Happy birthday Tammy Wilson! Hope your day (at work) is awesome and I shall see you very soon for our traveling escapades!
Sorry Barbara!!!!!

Oh my god
This photo has so many truths to it. One being my star sign - Leo but it also reminds me of being courageous and brave.
Beautiful day in #Wellington to read #johngreen ‘s book #thefaultinourstars soooo good!!!!
@bathsmusic yay selfie with will :) welly show 😃
Thank you so much Tammy you have made my day with these beautiful flowers on my day off! And all because (the card stating) “your worth it” 😩😃😃😃❤️ I am feeling incredibly loved with the amazingly stunning people in my life, and Tammy you’ve stuck beside me the longest! - @tamaralw92
Dearest @trilbyjane words cannot describe how much you mean to me! Through thick and thin u have my back and I’m forever thankful! Your one of my most truest and bestest friends in the world! And I’m glad I get to see your face every day! An inspirational human being xo ❤️
After hitting the gym this morning I stumbled upon this, Tuesday motivation! Goals I would dream of reaching! And I’m willing to make it a reality :)