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alas the explosion
My name is jamie, and this is a documentation of my life.

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@samsmithworld cannot wait it’s going to be amazing! #samsmith #concert #april #newzealand
What is art?
Meditation and relaxation
Love you @ashleigh_maree1 I will miss you heaps! Stay safe on your travels and keep In contact! You will be fine, so proud! 1d concert not so far away! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
@trilbyjane you really know how to make a new day feel even more positive after a rough few weeks. Thank you.
Beautiful installation for Lux wellington light exhibition around Wellington.
Lost, lost in the thrill of it all.
Take me away
Tiny incident at our house last night. Don’t worry all is well. Just a few long hours in the dark last night with @trilbyjane @troynorth1992
Birdwalk missions with Christie in the dub #whakatane #newzealand #holiday
Flying over the snowy mountains of taupo #photography  #taupo #newzealand
Happy birthday @lola_trash bailey you are such a close friend of mine even tho I’m useless at writing letters back haha miss ya lots I def need to come visit!!! Hope you have a brilliant day xoxo
So proud to be a nerd and have my first ever tattoo related to something that sums up so many years of my life and so so many memories. Your loss if you can’t guess what it is but don’t say it in the comments :)
My mind set today. Sadly others that have been around me today have noticed this mindset but tomorrow’s a new day.